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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 2010 in a Nutshell.

This summer started off like wildfire but quickly and sadly came to an end. After 5,000 miles on the road, 45 days spent on the river, over 500 river miles logged, rafting 3 new rivers, and one hell of a sun tan later I find myself back in Spokane packing and preparing for the next 4 months of my life. On Saturday I will board a plane headed for Tanzania, and its no looking back until January. Changing gears this fast is really difficult for me sometimes, so I want to remember a few good memories from the past 2 months...

First Rogue River Trip. Dress up night with guides.

Experimenting with an underwater camera up Big Windy Creek on the Rogue River, OR
On River Haircut!! 52$ value baby!
Hard at Work
Hiked Half Dome. 17 miles, 4,000 ft elev.
Tunnel View. Yosemite NP.
Even got on the back of a Harley with Dave!

I was even lucky enough to have cousins from North Dakota and my family come rafting with me.
It was a great summer and there was no better way to end it than swinging through Portland, OR and Bellingham, WA to visit and say goodbye to some friends. I'll miss you guys!

The rest of this blog space will be used to connect with my friends and family so you can follow me during the next 4 months in E. Africa. For everyone who helped get me there financially, emotionally, spiritually- you  know who you are- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Do not hesitate to share this blog with anyone who has helped support me in this journey, or who is invested in it.

Peace and Happiness
Seth Norell Bader- a voice of adventure.

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